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                      GOLDEN VIEW  ELECTRIC MOTORS


                                                                             SALIENT FEATURES

                   A.   The  GOLDEN VIEW   range of   ELECTRIC MOTORS   have been designed to meet the increasing 
                          demand for Industrial Sector not only in Indian markets but also for International markets.

                   B.  The series consist of Drip Proof  &  Screen Protected Motors (  i.e. S.P.D.P.)  and Totally Enclosed Fan
                         Cooled Induction Motors( i.e.
T.E.F.C. ).

                   C.   The Drip Proof  &  Screen Protected series are in Mild Steel Bodies  and  Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled 
                          series are in Cast Iron Bodies.

                   D.  All the series of   Golden View Electric Motors   are continuously rated as per latest Indian Standards and 
                         are in International Frame Sizes.

                   E.  The efficiency of Golden View Electric Motors represents the Highest Standards of Electrical Performance
                         to Indian Standards.

                   F.  All the series are Foot Mounted and can be fitted in either position. Horizontal or Vertical.

                  G.  The  Golden View  range of electric motors have Capacity of Overloading,  Low Temperature Rising, High
                        Efficiency,  Less Consumption of Electricity and High Torque with Low Starting Current.

                  H.  All the series are wound for 220 volts, 50 Hz, 1500  R.P.M  in Single Phase  and  415 Volts, 50 Hz, 1500 
                        R.P.M  in Three Phase. Three Phase motors can also be wound as per specific requirement such as change 
                        in Voltage,  Frequency  and  R.P.M  too.

                  I.  All the  Golden View Motors  are  thoroughly  tested  in  the  course of manufacture  and  before delivery to
                       customers in accordance with the Indian Standards.