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                                                                            SALIENT FEATURES

                A.  The  GOLDEN VIEW  range of   POWERKING ALTERNATORS   have been designed to meet the
                       increasing demand for really simple and robust A. C. Generator and have incorporated the most recent
                       techniques in statically excited,  self regulating system.

Powerking  A. C. Generators are fully static controlled without relays i.e. by means of a transformer and 
                     rectifier & surge unit providing static excitation and automatic voltage regulation.

                C.  The whole range of
Powerking A.C. Generator have the capacity to accept direct on line motor starting 
                      with rapid voltage response.

                D.  The Voltage regulation of
Powerking A .C. Generators is within + 2.5% from ‘Full Load ‘to ‘No Load ‘
                      at  any selected power factor from 0.8 to Unity.

                E.  All the 
Powerking A.C.Generators  are suitable for direct coupling by means of flexible coupling to any
                      make of Engines of 1500 R. P .M.

                F.  All the series of  
Powerking A .C. Generators   have insulation of class E/B.